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    Pink Kitty Cat

    My friend Suzee from AppleHead Threads is an amazing seamstress, and she was blogging recently about a family friend that had passed away. The family gave Suzee some of their loved ones old…

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    Crazy Cat Lady

    It’s been another crazy week! Buffy is still in seclusion, which sucks bigtime. Plus, on top of the baby aspirin we’ve been giving her, the doctor also prescribed an antiobiotic this week. We…

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    Original Sin

    When I went to the hard cider festival a few weekends ago, I scored these really cool posters from a NY based company called Original Sin Hard Cider. I love the art style…

  • Knitting


    Here’s a BRAND new scarf, now available at Fuzzy Paws Knits. This is hot off the needles!!

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    Shameless Plug

    Just FYI, I added a few things to my Fuzzy Paws Knits shop today. Nothing new at the moment, but please take a look if you have a minute. I do have some…

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    Knives Chau

    I bought a binding machine from a chick on Craig’s List recently. It’s a wire binder, so it makes spiral bound books. I have been researching and reading and learning all about binding…

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    Harold came over the other night! Mike & I saw him so we thre some carrots and some asparagus into the yard. Harold loves him some carrots. I actually got some decent photos!…

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    Time is Running Out!

    I have my big annual show coming up in less than 2 weeks, and I am taking every single finished knit that I have in hopes of selling EVERYTHING. If there is something…

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    Clyde & Arturo

    Here are 2 new Stuffies that I made. Arturo is the green googly eyed one, and Clyde is the fuzzy blue one. These are not available at Fuzzy Paws Knits yet, but might…

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    When it Rains, it Pours

    Mike woke me up around 5 this morning (he was getting ready for bed) because he noticed that the wall underneath our bedroom window was all wet. He pulled off the trim to…